Rattlesnake Skin Magnetic Money Clip

Rattlesnake Skin Magnetic Money Clip

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Product Details

This is our Rattlesnake Skin Magnetic Money Clip. This popular style leather money clip has two magnets covered with leather to clip onto bills. This American made Rattlesnake Skin Money Clip is great when you just want to carry some cash.

*All of our Rattlesnake skin products will vary some form the picture as each snake is unique
Please note: Any dry scales left on the surface of the Snakeskin will come off over time, this is completely normal. After you've used the Rattlesnake skin product a while, there won't be many raised scales left, but the snakeskin bottom scales will retain its unique pattern.

*Made in USA
*Cowhide Leather interior
*Rattlesnake skin front (Cowhide backed)
*Two magnets cover with leather to hold bills securely

Measures: 3" L x 1.75" W closed