3 Strand Braided Leather Bracelet

3 Strand Braided Leather Bracelet

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These braided leather bracelets are popular with people of all ages. The leather ankle band is also great for teens and adults. This leather bracelet is made using a "Mystery Braid" since the 3 strands are not cut at either end. Available in size small for children, size Large for teens and adults and Ankle Band size. All our braided leather bracelets are made in USA with real leather. (Shades and textures of leather may vary from pictures)

*Made in USA
*Real cowhide Leather
*Snap Closure
*Braided 3 strands (Mystery Braid technique)

Sizes Available:
*Child/Small size: 7" L
*Adult/Teen/Large Size: 8" L
*Ankle size: 9" L

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