Leather Shop Apron

Leather Shop Apron

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This Leather Shop Apron is a beautiful and useful item for any craftsman, or craftswoman. It helps protect your clothes if you work with sharp objects or heat. It's also great for the weekend, or full time carpenter. This is a bib style leather apron with two large pockets at the waist and a pen/pencil pocket on the chest. The strap that goes around the neck has a buckle to adjust to your size and it has long tie strings that are long enough to go around your back and tie in front (under the apron). Like everything we make, our Leather Shop Aprons are made in USA with real leather, to ensure quality that will last. (Shades and textures of leather may vary from picture)

*Made in USA
*Top Grain Leather
*Two large pockets at the waist
*Pen/pencil pocket on the chest area
*Neck strap with buckle to adjust size
*Leather tie strings

*30" W at the bottom x 30" L
*Narrow part at the top is 8.5" W
*The two large pockets are 8.5" W x 7" H