Rattlesnake Skin Deluxe Key Loop

Rattlesnake Skin Deluxe Key Loop

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Product Details

This deluxe key loop has been dressed up with Rattlesnake Skin to make it more stylish. This leather key loop is a handy way carry your keys at your side. It has a teardrop shape, and a heavy-duty cast metal snap hook to hold your keys securely.

*All of our Rattlesnake Skin Deluxe Key Loops will vary some form the picture as each snake is unique
Please note: Any dry scales left on the surface of the Snakeskin will come off over time, this is completely normal. After you've used the Rattlesnake skin product a while, there won't be many raised scales left, but the snakeskin bottom scales will retain its unique pattern.

*Made in USA
*Rattlesnake Skin front (Cowhide backed)
*heavy-duty cast metal snap hook
*Snap closure

*1" W at narrowest part
*1 ⅜ W at widest part
*5.5" L without ring