Hand Laced Prison Bifold Leather Wallet

Hand Laced Prison Bifold Leather Wallet

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This hand laced prison leather wallet is a classic bi-fold style, and has black Vinyl hand-lacing around the edge. These leather wallets have four pockets for cards, a main cash compartment with a hide-away flap to separate your bills. This is the only product that we offer that we don't make right here at North Star Leather shop in South Carolina, but we do stand by their quality. These wallets are made by prisoners in the Holman Prison in Alabama, who are trying to channel their energies in a positive way through leather-craft. These wallets come in a variety of designs like wildlife, western styles, etc (the designs that are Assorted may vary from those pictured, even the specific designs may NOT be exact in color or detail), some in a hand dyed natural color (Please note that hand dyed wallets differ in color from one another) 

**NOW ALSO AVAILABLE IN: plain Leather and camouflage Leather pattern.
Please note that the colors of the inside of the wallets may vary depending on the leather they have available. Prison made Leather wallets are known for their durability!

*Made in USA
*Top Grain Leather
*Four card pockets
*Large cash compartment with hide-away flap
*Large Pocket for bills
*Vinyl lacing around the edge
*Variety of designs

Measures: 4.25" L x 3 ⅝" W folded