Oro Leather Belt (Darker Shade)

Oro Leather Belt (Darker Shade)

Code: ORO-Belt


Product Details

  • Oro Leather (Darker Shade) is a Full Grain Oil-Tanned leather from the S.B. Foot tannery in Red Wing MN, USA. This leather is water, stain and perspiration resistant, and has a more natural look and feel. Because it's made without pigments being added during the finishing process with the same time tested methods as originally, the natural character and beauty of this leather stands out with natural scars and range marks more visible. We back our belts with another layer of quality leather from the same tannery and stitch together with bonded nylon thread.   NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES, ALL BELTS ARE CUSTOM MADE TO ORDER (Please follow instructions before ordering)
  • Choose your buckle (Roller buckles include leather keeper but center bar buckles don't) We have added a NEW buckle option: a real SOLID COPPER Center Bar Buckle for an additional cost of $12.00 (See Picture)
  • Choose your attachment: Chicago Screws or Copper Permanent Rivets (Permanent Rivets do not allow you to change the buckle) 
  • Hole spacing: 1 inch apart (message us if you want different spacing or extra holes) 
  • Belt width fits 1.5" wide buckle , 4.5mm-5mm total thickness
  • Raw edge or Edge dyed, choose your preference.
  • Made in USA.      
Sizing Instructions:
Step 1: 
 Take your current belt and measure from the fold at the buckle end to the hole you use most.   This will become the middle of 5 holes spaced at 1" apart on your belt.  This only applies to belts with a tongue (like those pictured) not "rodeo style" buckles (Please contact us if you plan to use a different style buckle).  If you don't see your size offered or half-sizes please feel free to contact us.

Step 2: (Please DO NOT SKIP Step One):
 Step 2 is only used to double check your measurement from step 1 by comparing it to your pants size: Your belt size is generally  2" more than your pants size, but this is not always accurate because pant sizes vary from brand to brand.