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Come see our Leather HandBags & Leather Purses.
This is our section of Leather Hats & Caps.
Here you find a great selection of Leather Guitar Straps.
This is our section Men's Leather Wallets.
This is the section for Leather CheckBooks & Lady's Leather Wallets.
This is the section of  Leather ID Case & Leather Money Clip.
We feature here Key Holders, Key Chains and key cases.
 This is the Accessories & Leather Cases section.
This section features gifts like Shop Aprons, shave Kits, tool pouches, nail aprons, knife cases and more.
We have many stlyes and sizes of Leather Pouches and Coin Purses.
Here you find Military items & Leather Police Products.
This section has Knife Cases, snuff can holder,tobacco pouch,  Lighter Cases & Cigarette Cases.
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Welcome to North Star Leather

 We've been making quality Leather Products in the USA since 1969.  We specialize in leather wallets, leather handbags, leather checkbooks, leather police products and much more!
 You'll love our Leather Purses Leather Handbags and Leather Fanny Packs.
Leather Hand Bags & Leather Purses

We make many styles of

 leather purses & leather

handbags.  We offer hobo bags, 

 fringed leather handbags,

 fanny packs  & dressy leather

 purses. Our tote bag is always a

 favorite.  We make our leather

 handbags in a variety of colors.

  So if you want a purple leather

 purse, you got it!


This is our section of Accessories that include Leather Cases,  Barrettes, Luggage Tags and  braided wristbands.
Accessories& Leather Cases

You'll love our many styles of leather cases

 & accessories. Adorn your hair with one

of our leather barrettes.  Kids love our

 wristbands & bracelets. We also make

leather cases for glasses, leather  cases for

 cigarettes and leather cases for your



Here we have Leather Pouches,  Coin Purses,  Coin pouches and more.
Leather Pouches and Coin Purses

Leather pouches always a great

and durable gift.  We make

a variety of leather drawstring

pouches.  Our Dragon & Celtic

Heart pouches are great for

renaissance festivals.  The zipper

 pouches &  coin purses can last

 a lifetime. 

Nothing shows your style like our Leather Hats, Cowboy Hat, Outback hat, golf Caps, Rebel Caps and other great styles.
Leather Hats and Caps

With our leather hats &

Caps  we focus on quality&

style.  We have Western

cowboy hats & Outback

 hats  as well as leather hatbands

to go with them.  We also make golfing,

 boating & driving hats. We  even do

Rebel Caps for reenactments. We've also

 created floppy top hats &biker



This section has Leather ID Cases, Leather Money Clips, Leather ID case Wallets,  Card Cases and more.
Leather ID Cases & Leather Money Clips

Our leather money clips,

leather ID cases,  & business

 card holders are sure to last

 and last.  Our hidden passport

 and money holder are great for

 travelers.  We also offer leather

 ID case wallets & magnetic

leather money clips.


We offer an extensive selection of that includes our Leather Guitar Strap,  Acoustic Leather Guitar Strap, Snakeskin Leather Guitar Strap.
Leather Guitar Straps

Guitar players, we've got a

leather guitar strap for whatever

style you play.  Our leather

flame guitar strap is great if

rock's your style & our hand

tooled leather guitar strap is

perfect for acoustic guitarists. 

We even make a leather guitar  strap

with real snakeskin & flames.

You can't go wrong with one of

our leather guitar straps!

This section has many styles of Leather Wallets,  Chain Wallets, bifold wallets, trifold wallets, prison made wallets, embossed wallets and more.
Men's Leather Wallets

A  leather wallet is a great gift

for Dad.  We make  chain

wallets,  trucker wallets

&  tri-fold leather wallets,

 bi-fold leather wallets styles.

We also have leather wallets

with embossed designs with fish,

deer, eagles & much more.

Our hand laced prison-made

leather wallets are also a 

classic style everyone loves.


This section has Women's Leather Wallets and Leather Checkbooks.
Leather Checkbooks & Lady's Leather Wallets

A real leather checkbook will

last years longer than the cheap

plastic checkbooks you get from

the bank.  We have leather

top-stub checkbooks, leather

checkbooks with spaces for

cards & ID. Our   Lady's wallets

 also hold a checkbook easily.

Our  lady's large wallet

is perfect for whatever you carry

even a top stub checkbook!

 This is our category of Key holder & keychains.
 Key Cases & Chains

We offer many  key

cases, key chains, & key loops

to help you keep track of your

keys.  We have  western fringe

key chains with fringe, & key

 chains with a Bible message. 

 We've got a key pouch , & four

 styles of  key loops to keep your

keys on your belt.

This section has  Shop Aprons , Gifts, shave Kits, knife cases and other leather products.
 Shop Aprons & Other Great  Gifts

In this section we put some great

products that don't really fit into the

other categories. Here we've got

nail aprons & shop aprons for

the fulltime or weekend craftsman.  We

have a great  backpack for school

or camping.  Plus we have a shave kit, Bible covers, & four sizes of knife cases.

 We also have  tool pouches, & a  hammer


Here you'll find an extensive selection of Leather Police Products & Military Items.
 Military items & Leather Police Products

  Our leather police

 products give law  enforcement

 personnel a professional look

 Among the leather police

 products and military

 items we make are,  belt

keepers,  leather ID cases for a

military ID, a leather ID case

that clips to a shirt, a leather

flashlight holder, leather

handcuff case, leather ticket

book, leather hat straps for

police hats, & ID tags for

uniforms.  Our leather police

 products and military

items are just what your man in

 uniform needs.


North Star Leather
PO Box 307 Ruby SC 29741
218 Market ST
800 338 7637

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