Leather Nail Apron

Leather Nail Apron

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This leather Nail Apron is great and useful for any craftsman, craftswoman, or carpenter. It comes with two large front pockets for nails, two leather loops that can hold hammers or other tools, and 2 tool pockets behind leather loops. This Leather Nail Apron also has 48" long leather straps to go around most folks twice to tie in front. Our Leather Nail Apron Makes a great practical gift for the weekend or full time carpenter. Like everything we make, it"s made in USA with Genuine leather, to ensure quality that will last. (Shades and textures of leather may vary from picture)

*Made in USA
*Two large front pockets for nails
*Two Leather loops for hammers or other tools
*Two Tool Pockets behind leather loops
*Leather tie straps

*22" W x 8.5" L
*Front pockets measure 7" W x 6.25" D
*The leather straps are 48" L