Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Are your handbags lined?

A. Our handbags are NOT lined in fact, most of our products are not.

Q. Why aren't your handbags lined?

A. We have found over the years that for real leather handbags, fabric lining will wear out long before the handbag actually does.

Q. Can you do a custom Color?

A. In most cases, yes. We have quite a variety of hides that will work with our items (Much more than we could possible list on the website). Just give us a call or email us to check if we have the color you are looking for. Sales on custom colors are FINAL.

Q. Can I get a longer or shorter or wider handle on my handbag?

A. In most cases we can make a custom handle or adjustable handle for an additional charge depending on the handbag. Remember if you add 2 inches to the handle, the bag will hang 1 inch lower over your shoulder. Please call or email for more details on your specific customization request. All sales on custom items are FINAL.

Q. Do you do custom work or Repairs?

A. We guarantee our products. We offer free repairs on everything we make, however we are not set up to repair products made by other manufactures. We are able to do a variety of modifications to our products: Adding a window, moving a chain on a wallet, or other small changes. We aren't set up to do "one of a kind" custom items, but if you have an item that you'd like us to make for your business in quantity, give us a call at 1-800-338-7637 or email us at to see if it's possible.

Q. What are range marks?

A. Leather is a natural material and as such it is subject to minor blemishes and imperfections. These are referred to as range marks. They are actually healed scars and scratches that the animal incurred while alive. These are not Defects but authenticate that the material is real leather and make each piece truly one of a kind. It's actually one of the best ways to tell real leather from synthetics.

Q. What is the difference between Leather and Suede?

A. Leather starts out often as thick or thicker than a belt. The top outer layer of the skin is used to make top grain or full grain leather like you see in shoes, jackets, furniture and most of our products. A variety of finishes and effects can then be applied to the leather to give it a different look or feel (glossy, nude, embossed, etc). The bottom layer that gets split off is suede. This bottom layer is buffed to give it the velvety feel that is characteristic of suede.

Q. How do I care for Suede?

A. Suede isn't nearly as delicate as it looks, most of the time you can wash off whatever soil it's accumulated and then buff it up with a stiff brush and it's no worse for the wear. There are also a variety of products out there for protecting suede and leather, many of which don't change the velvety feel and still make it virtually waterproof.