ORO Leather Deluxe Key Loop (Bundle Price Available)

ORO Leather Deluxe Key Loop (Bundle Price Available)

Code: 127DLX-ORO


Product Details

This is our NEW Custom Deluxe Key Loop made with ORO Leather! The SB Foot Tanning Co. makes this beautiful Full Grain Oil-Tanned leather. This leather is water, stain and perspiration resistant, and has a more natural look and feel. This leather was developed and tanned by the SB Foot Tanning plant in Red Wing MN.  Because it's made without pigments being added during the finishing process with the same time tested methods as originally, the natural character and beauty of this leather is stands out with natural scars and range marks more visible Our Custom Deluxe Key Loops are backed with another layer of thick leather from the same tannery and stitched together with bonded nylon thread, you can snap it around your belt for easy access to your keys. This is a customizable key loop so you can choose your own hardware color. (CUSTOM ITEM- NO RETURNS, NO EXCHANGES ACCEPTED).

*Made in USA
*ORO Leather (Range Marks are part of the natural look of this leather) (Full Grain Oil-Tanned Leather from the SB Foot Leather Tannery in Red Wing MN, USA)
*Customize it by chossing your own hardware *Price varies by bundle, you can add any other color(s) of our custom Deluxe Key Loops (1 Key Loop at $15.00 ea., 2 Key Loops at $14.00 ea., 3 Key Loops at $12.00 ea., or 4 Key Loops or more at $10.00 ea.  Please note that this offer only apply to our customizable #127DLX key loops. 

Measures: approximately 4" L x 1" W (without counting the rings)