Horween Leather Credit Card Sheath

Horween Leather Credit Card Sheath

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This is our Credit Card Sheath made with  Horween Chromexcel Leather Tanned in Chicago IL. Most chromexcel leathers have a "pull-up" effect meaning that, when folded and stressed, oils and waxes that were impregnated into the hide during the tanning process move around causing a very nice tonal effect.  (If left unhandled for a period of time, these leathers can get a "fog" on the surface from the waxes inside the leather rising to the surface. This "Bloom" can be removed by polishing with a soft cloth). Horween is the only maker of authentic Chromexcel Leather. 

This Horween Leather Credit Card Sheath is a simple but stylish design, which will safely protect your credit cards from getting damaged in your pocket or purse. You can fit up to seven cards comfortably in this handy Horween Leather Card Sheath. With all our American made products, we use real leather to guarantee quality.

*Made in USA
*Horween Leather (Tanned in Chicago IL, USA) 
*This card sheath holds up to 7 credit cards

Measures: 3.75" L x 3" W

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