Leather Hidden Money Holder

Leather Hidden Money Holder

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This Leather Hidden Money Holder was designed with travelers in mind. Especially useful if you have to carry large amounts of cash. With this Leather Hidden Money Holder, you can carry your credit cards, cash, and other valuables. To use it, put it on your belt (right beside the buckle), then flip it into your clothes to hide it. The pointed end of your belt covers the loop of the case, so only the very small part on top is visible (Order a color to match your belt). This leather Hidden Money Holder is a must have for travelers. Like all our products, our Leather Hidden Money Holder is made in USA with long lasting leather. (Shades and textures of leather may vary from picture)

*Made in USA
*Top Grain Leather
*Fits credit cards, bills, ID's
*Belt Loop

Measures: 4 ⅛" L x 3.75" W

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