Snakeskin Flame Leather Guitar Strap

Snakeskin Flame Leather Guitar Strap

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Product Details

This leather guitar strap has a real Rattlesnake skin flame cutout, it definitely embodies the Rock and Roll spirit and then kicks it up a notch. This Rattlesnake Skin Flame Leather Guitar Strap is made with thick, wide leather for comfort and it works for either acoustic or electric guitars. It has holes for guitar pegs or you can use the included lace to tie at the head, if your guitar doesn't have a peg in front. Our American made leather guitar straps are real quality, with double thick leather for a strong strap that won't stretch.

*All of our Rattlesnake skin products will vary some form the picture as each snake is unique
Please note: Any dry scales left on the surface of the skin will come off over time, this is completely normal. After you've used the Rattlesnake skin product a while, there won't be many raised scales left, but the snakeskin bottom scales will retain its unique pattern.

*Made in USA
*Full Grain Leather
*Rattlesnake Skin flame cutout
*Holes for guitar pegs
*Adjustable length
*Leather lace to tie at the head of the guitar
*Works for Acoustic and Electric guitars

Measures: 2 ⅜" W
Adjustable Length: 53" to 44.5" L