Braided Leather Hat Band

Braided Leather Hat Band

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A hat without a band can look naked, so dress it up with this stylish leather hat band! This western style hat band it's made up with three of our 5-strand mystery braids, attached with round Oak leaf design caps. The back connects with a lace, and a metallic bead lets you adjust for size. Like all of our products this Braided Leather Hat Band is made in USA with real leather that will last a long time. (Shades and textures of leather may vary from picture)

*Made in USA
*Cowhide Leather or Suede
*Braided 5 strands (Mystery Braid technique)
*Oak leaf caps
*Back lace and bead to adjust to size

Sizes Available:
*Small: It adjusts from 22" to 23.5" fits our Small and Medium hats.
*Large: It adjusts from 23.5" to 25.5" fits our Large, and Extra Large hats

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