Solid Copper Center Bar Buckle

Solid Copper Center Bar Buckle

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Product Details

These Solid Copper heavy duty center-bar are 40mm wide at the opening, perfect for any 1.5" belt (like the ones we offer). 

Substantially more hefty than our standard copper plated buckles  (3.6oz vs  1.3oz), so if you're looking to upgrade, you will be able to feel the difference. 

Please Note: Unfortunately the factory used molds usually used on brass buckles for these  so they bear the stamp:  "Solid Brass" on the back, but rest assured,they are pure, solid copper. 

  • Solid Polished Copper
  • Fit 1.5" Belts (40mm opening)
  • Heavy  Weight 3.6oz (104g)
  • Roughly 2.95"x2.3" (7.5cm x 5.8cm)
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