Simple Leather Kilties (Pair)

Simple Leather Kilties (Pair)

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Product Details

Our Simple Kilties or False tongues are pieces of leather meant to protect your boot's tongue from the laces and hardware.   They can also help to make them more comfortable by adding a bit of padding.

  • Made in USA
  • Leathers from the SB Foot Tannery in Red Wing MN.
  • Sold in Pairs
  • Made to fit most 6" Boots
  • Measure 6.75" long by 2 15/16" at the widest part.  Roughly 2" at the narrowest part.
  • Thickness varies from 4.5oz to 6oz (Klondike, Sequoia, Prairie and Oro are thicker than the other options)
How to wear your Kilties:
Our kilties have a pair of holes near the bottom to thread the laces through to keep them in place. To put them on your boots, completely unlace them and lay the kiltie between the tongue and the upper with the bottom of the kiltie extending just past the laces.  Run the lace through the holes and lace your boots as you normally would.